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We believe that everyone can have a healthy smile for life and with our help and friendly pricing, it’s easier more affordable than you think! We are passionate about helping expat-patients in Moscow to live better quality lives thanks to good oral health.

Our clinic has English speaking dentists specialising in all areas of dentistry, including dental implants and high-tech cad|cam prosthetics.

We’ve always striven to keep things straightforward and transparent for our patients so there are no hidden extras and all our clients are provided detailed treatment plans often with options depending on the case.

Minimally-invasive dental implants

Minimally-invasive implant procedures require fewer appointments, less healing time, and little to no pain. With minimally-invasive techniques, you can have a single implant placed in as little as few minutes with a general healing time of just three months.

Fixed teeth in one day

With the “immediate loading” technique, unhealthy teeth (if any) are extracted and the dental implants and fully fixed bridge are inserted and attached within a matter of hours, leaving the patient completely satisfied in record time.

If you were told that you have little or no bone in the jaws to place implants, you have to know that we can always provide a solution. It is important to have a second opinion.

We work with top quality dental materials

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